Mum trolled over Christmas tree she turned upside down to stop daughter destroying it


A mum who posted her unusual Christmas tree on social media has hit back at haters dubbed it unsafe.

Melissa Webber, 31, posted her quirky upside-down Christmas tree to Facebook in mid-December, however, was met with a barrage of concerned comments.

The mother of one began placing the tree upside-down position four years ago in a bid to deter her dogs and daughter Harley, from destroying the tree.

The local community pub manager from Innes Park, Queensland, Australia defended her tree online after posting it to Facebook.

She explained that it looks tidier and means she doesn’t have to discipline her now five-year-old daughter – but folks weren’t impressed.

Melissa said: “People were saying that it was generally unsafe and unnecessary and telling me that I should teach my kid ‘NO’.

“There were also a couple of people who were saying that they had five kids three dogs and a cat and never had to go to this extreme. It’s not extreme, it’s just fun. I’ve been doing for three to four years now so I’ve got it down pat, it isn’t unsafe.

Melissa and used her DIY skills to turn it into an abstract tree in order to child and pet-proof the area.

She said: “It was my daughters second Christmas when we decided to do it.

“I wanted a whole tree without a fence, without having to sit it on a table, without yelling at her “no” for a month.

“It’s just a normal Christmas tree that I had to modify, that’s the hack part of it.

“I have a little 20 cent sized hole drilled into the ceiling, and then I turned the trunk and branches upside down and put the centre of the tree through the roof.

“I have a piece of ply board that goes over the top as well so in between say the roof and the feet so that balances out the weight

“You could literally swing on the pole like a stripper pole and it’s not going to come out of the roof.”

After sharing a photo of the tree to Facebook, the post quickly racked up thousands of comments.

She said: “People think it’s funny as, as do all the customers at our pub as we also have an upside-down Christmas tree there.

“At our pub, it works so well because kids use to stand there and take the baubles off and I use to find Christmas baubles everywhere, in the pool table, vending machine, everywhere!”

“Now I haven’t found one out of place. It is definitely easier to clear, you can vacuum straight under it, mop straight under it, once I finish putting it up it doesn’t drop anything like little bits of tinsel or bits of tree.

I told my daughter this morning that our Christmas tree was beautiful and unique, and it’s special. She doesn’t think it’s any different.”