Christmas enthusiast wraps his entire living room and kitchen in wrapping paper


When it comes to Christmas decorations, everyone has their own style.

Some people go all out with hanging ornaments and light displays, while others keep it much more low-key with a tree and stockings.

But one man took things to the next level…

Content creator Tom Hooker, 38, from Brighton, UK, wanted to spruce up his home and make it feel more festive – but not in the way that you’d expect.

Instead of adding more lights, tinsel or even a festive figurine or two, he decided to go to town with wrapping paper.

Tom wrapped his entire living room and kitchen in paper to make it the ultimate festive area – and it didn’t disappoint.

Tom said: “I’d seen wrapping paper on sale in the shop so I bought £20 worth and went to town on the living room.”

Not one to do a half-hearted job, Tom went even as far as wrapping the smallest items in the room like the kettle, microwave and even the sink.

“It was only supposed to be the walls and kitchen units, but then it escalated to the couch, bins, television and even kettle,” he admitted.

But unfortunately, Tom couldn’t leave his home wrapped up for too long because the patterned paper started to give him a headache after a while, and it proved a nuisance when getting to his appliances.

“I would have loved to have left it up longer, but I’d stupidly wrapped my fridge, microwave, television and kettle, so sadly it had to go!”

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