Remedy partners with Tencent to create a free-to-play co-op shooter


Chinese entertainment giant Tencent has a massive foothold in the gaming industry, and its global dominance only grows as the years go by. It has already snapped up several non-Chinese game developers for their talent and IPs, and now, it is teaming up with Control developer Remedy to create a new title called “Vanguard.”

This deal is notable because it doesn’t involve Tencent snapping up Remedy at all. Vanguard is and will remain Remedy’s own IP. Instead of some sort of merger or buyout, these two companies are actually working together to co-finance and co-publish the game.

It will be a free-to-play shooter with an emphasis on PvE co-op gameplay and live service elements. Other details are still up in the air, though — we don’t know if the game will be first or third-person, for example. It’s perhaps safe to expect the latter. Third-person shooters are what Remedy is known for, after all, especially after the release of Control, one of the best (and weirdest) third-person action-adventure shooters out there.

So, what will the division of labor look like here for Remedy and Tencent? Remedy will, of course, work on the main project exclusively, but both parties will pour their coffers into the budget.

When the game nears release and is ready for localization, Tencent will handle those costs for “selected Asian markets,” while Remedy will handle that process for other regions. Each company will pay its respective publishing and post-launch operational costs out of its own pocket. However, revenue will be shared between the firms once the game is up and running.

Vanguard will also be getting a mobile version, which Tencent will develop and publish under a “separate revenue sharing scheme” — likely one that favors Tencent since it would be doing most of the heavy lifting there.

It remains to be seen whether or not Vanguard will turn out to be a decent game. Remedy is splitting itself pretty thin right now; working on four new projects in total. These include Vanguard, Control’s sequel, some sort of coop game set in the Control universe, and of course, Alan Wake 2.